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About Us

¿Who Are We?

Ten years ago, Alberto Viera, along with his youngest son, founded the company ALBERTO VIERA. Together with a great team of workers, they have successfully treated patients from different countries, bringing health and hope through natural medicine. We are pleased to say that neither diabetes, liver diseases, nor some types of cancer have been able to overcome the effectiveness of our treatments.

Alberto Viera - Get to Know Him:

He is a renowned naturalist from the department of Piura in Peru. At the age of 22, he dedicated himself to learning the healing power of medicinal plants in our country. Numerous patients with very chronic and seemingly incurable diseases visited him, finding in him hope for treating their ailments. With many patients recovered from diseases such as diabetes, cirrhosis, cysts, fibroids, kidney problems, and even cancer, he gradually gained a great reputation and became very beloved and appreciated by his community. Over the years, Alberto Viera has discovered the effectiveness of certain plants in the recovery of patients from various illnesses.

Present Day:

Alberto Viera is now 68 years old, and his wealth of knowledge accumulated over his life allows him to claim that he is the world leader in treatments based on medicinal plants. Currently, he treats patients from different countries and sends his treatments and products anywhere in the world. All products are manufactured according to his own formulas and knowledge, with treatments varying significantly based on the patient's specific illness.

Our Team:

Alberto Viera's team not only provides you with a precise treatment for your illness but also offers support and is always available to address any questions. Over the past ten years, they have helped more than 10,000 patients recover, motivating us to continue advocating for natural treatments and traditional medicine, as it has been proven to be much better than chemical medicine.


To be the world's leading company in natural product-based treatments.


To improve the quality of life and health of our patients by offering alternative treatments made from natural products, treatments that help them combat their illnesses without side effects, but rather help them find true health.


Our company is guided by 6 well-defined values that are part of our company's identity and mission. Two of these values have to do with the character of the founder and partners of this company, two more define our team and collaborators, and finally, the values we practice with our patients.

Resilience.- is the ability to draw strength from weakness, to turn defeats into growth, and recover from setbacks; "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It is the ability to keep striving despite obstacles. It is associated with patience but requires a more active attitude; "nothing stops me, I can."

Growth.- is the acquisition of principles that govern our lives, moving towards becoming better people, the continuous scale between who I was yesterday and who I will be tomorrow, in pursuit of our dreams. "We always aim for more."

Self-improvement.- Those who value self-improvement seek to better themselves in various aspects of life, striving to be better every day, both in their human and professional aspects; "today, I am better than yesterday."

Positivism.- leads us to have a very good and favorable perception of everything around us. A positive person is grateful, doesn't complain all the time about what they don't have, focuses on what they have to build their day and move towards their goal. Being positive people means being "crazy dreamers," seeing the world from a perspective of learning, improvement, a ramp to success. It's seeing one's own life as the path to fulfilling our dreams and never stop dreaming; "today will be an excellent day because I decree it, I am positive, I am optimistic."

Service Quality.- We are always available for our patients, improving every day for their satisfaction, and striving for excellence in the service we provide.

Empathy.- is the ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of others, the situation that other people are going through, even if it's different from one's own. "We understand you, we help you."