Red Hot Tomato
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  1. This treatment helps to detoxify and deflame the liver
  2. Repairs damaged hepatic cells, restoring the liver to proper functioning and well-being
  3. Helps regulate cholesterol, uric acid, and blood glucose
  4. Protects the liver
  5. Effective against symptoms caused by liver damage such as: constipation, bad breath, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach inflammation, and overweight.
  6. Revitalizes the body, restoring energy and health to the body.
  7. It's a powerful detoxifier not only for the liver but also helps the kidneys, pancreas, and gallbladder.

This treatment is the first step to a change in the health of patients with fatty liver or liver malfunction. Generally, patients with liver malfunction present different symptoms and complications such as acid reflux, bad breath, stomach swelling, constipation, gallbladder stones, and kidney problems. Every patient with liver diseases is prone to developing diabetes, cancer, tumors, or other more chronic diseases. That is why each product in this treatment has very powerful properties that help regenerate damaged hepatic cells and normalize liver function, eliminating symptoms resulting from the disease. In addition, the entire treatment also aims at general detoxification of the body, eliminating problems such as cholesterol, uric acid, and stones, whether in the gallbladder or kidney.

The complete 1-month treatment contains 6 products:

  • 1 hg max drink for 200 g
  • 1 chancapiedra capsules x 90 capsules
  • 1 balance capsules x 90 capsules
  • 1 hr capsules x 90 capsules
  • 1 chlorophyll syrup x 600ml
  • 1 moringa syrup x 600ml