Red Hot Tomato
1 x $65.00


Benefits of the Treatment:

  1. Helps eliminate kidney stones and sand in the kidneys.
  2. Improves kidney function by cleansing and detoxifying the renal ducts.
  3. Alleviates pain and difficulty during urination.
  4. Prevents stage 1 and 2 kidney cancer.
  5. A powerful treatment that helps eliminate kidney cysts.
  6. Controls and reduces diabetic nephropathy.
  7. Acts as a diuretic and strengthens kidney function.
  8. Also aids in prostate problems.

This treatment is essential for combating all kinds of diseases and complications that affect these vital organs, the kidneys. It enhances their function, preventing and eliminating the progression of kidney diseases, aiding in the elimination of kidney stones, sand, or cysts. It also helps improve overall bodily function and maintains the balance of chemicals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium in our bodies. It combats symptoms related to poor kidney function, such as high blood pressure, increased potassium levels in the blood, fluid retention, dry skin, headaches, urinary incontinence, kidney colic, and more.

The complete 1-month treatment includes 6 products:

  1. Digest X beverage of 200g
  2. Black Maca capsules x 90 capsules
  3. Biotri capsules x 90 capsules
  4. Chanca Piedra capsules x 90 capsules
  5. Firo Ren syrup x 600ml
  6. Moringa syrup x 600ml