Red Hot Tomato
1 x $65.00


Women's Health Disorders:

  1. Prevents and fights cervical cancer that occurs in the early stages of menopause.
  2. Strengthens the uterus, helping with infertility issues.
  3. Helps combat ovarian cysts and polyps.
  4. Fights uterine prolapse.
  5. Controls candidiasis, improving vaginal pH levels.
  6. Combats breast cancer.

This treatment is essential for combating all kinds of diseases that women face every day. It significantly strengthens the female reproductive organ, helping to combat various women-related cancers such as cervical and breast cancer. It also aids in the treatment of ovarian cysts, polyps, or tumors. Each product has been developed with the specific symptoms of each condition in mind.

The complete 1-month treatment includes 6 products:

  • 1 *Sinchi Warmy* beverage of 200g.
  • 1 bottle of *F Plus* capsules (90 capsules).
  • 1 bottle of *Bio Ren* capsules (90 capsules).
  • 1 bottle of *Chanca Piedra* capsules (90 capsules).
  • 1 bottle of *Moringa* syrup (600ml).
  • 1 bottle of *Papa Madre* syrup (60ml).